Human Development Library (HuDL)

Human Development Library (HuDL)

As projects such as the $100 Laptop bring computing to developing nations, HuDL follows closely behind with a library of educational videos for universities, libraries and ICT organizations.

The decreasing cost of computer hard drives coupled with the high bandwidth requirements of video make a portable library the most feasible option of delivering training and knowledge.

As a result, HuDL is creating the world’s first video library for human development, which will be freely available to universities, libraries and ICT organizations worldwide.

Please contribute your expertise to create a video library that is both comprehensive and useful for users in developing nations.

Willing to help?

Volunteers are needed to help identify content providers for inclusion in the HuDL library.

Digital Content Providers are needed to produce instructional content for the HuDL library.

Learn more?

Edit our online speadsheet to provide input on our subcategories and suggested NGO partners.


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